This Is Getting Personal

It’s been about six months since I started this blog.  It’s crazy to think what all has happened in that time!  I started a business, became a certified lactation counselor, started attending births, HAD A BABY, and have been concurrently working on lots of partnerships and projects within the Louisville area.  I’ve also loved having a blogging platform to share information with families and flex my writing muscles a little bit.

But I must confess I’ve been struggling about what to do with the Birth Walk Blog.  When I started it, I initially wanted it to focus on sharing research and information, maybe with a few pertinent, more personal stories thrown in there.  Since then, I’ve found that I deeply wish to share more of my own doula and mother journey via the Birth Walk blog.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to depart from my original intention and follow this project where it seems to want to go.  While I still plan to share evidence-based articles (duh!  I’m still a research junky!), I need this blog to get personal and I have a feeling you do to!

Happy reading.


Emily, The Birth Walk Doula

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