Birth Walk Doula to Add Postpartum Services

Big News!  In 2013, I will begin taking postpartum doula clients!

Baby Simon

Why hire a postpartum doula?

Once upon a time, women were surrounded by family and friends to support them in the days and weeks following giving birth.  In some cultures, women are EXPECTED to observe a 40 day “babymoon”, where the mother is excused from housework and care of other children; so that she can recover from the birth and get to know her newborn.  Today families are scattered and it’s common for new families to lack support for the major transition of bringing a new baby into their life.

Moreover, the postpartum period can be very difficult emotionally as new mothers process their birth experience and emerging identity as a mother.  Having someone present to nurture the new mother can make a huge difference for her wellness as she undergoes this transition. A postpartum doula can help fill these roles.

What do postpartum doulas do?

  • breastfeeding support
  • light housework
  • help with newborn care and logistics
  • provide information, referrals and advocacy
  • take care of a mother’s needs

What training do postpartum doulas have?

Most postpartum doulas have read extensively, attended some kind of comprehensive training workshop (similar to training for labor support) that prepares the doula to work with the specific needs of a postpartum mother, and have experience in caring for  babies and/or families.

Click here to learn more about my postpartum services.

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