Multitasking Mama: Breastfeed While You RSS Feed

Stay abreast with Birth Walk

Stay abreast with Birth Walk

I get a lot of reading done while I breastfeed.  I especially like to catch up on current news and trends in the birth, breastfeeding and parenting world.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs:

Science and Sensibility–This research blog from Lamaze International is a go-to for me as I help parents navigate through the world of birth.

Evidence Based Birth–I don’t know what birth professionals or parents did before this one came along.  This blog by Rebecca Dekker,PhD, RN, APRN, does an excellent job dissecting the research available about different pregnancy and child birth practices to determine best practice and it does it in a way that breaks it down for those of us who are not researchers.  I also love the printable practice bulletins that she puts together that parents and professionals can share with care providers.

Improving Birth–This is a great site for maternal health advocacy.  This is another one that puts together really accessible summaries of evidence based birth.

Best For Babes–These ladies know how to help women succeed with their breastfeeding goals!  Their Booby Trap series does an amazing job breaking down the barriers that many women face while trying to breastfeed in today’s medical and social culture.

The Leaky Boob–Advice on breastfeeding as well as a very active community of peer support, especially on their Facebook page.

PhD in Parenting–Articles ranging from birth and breastfeeding to every day parenting. Decidedly “attachment parent” in its philosophy.

Peaceful Parenting–As the name implies, gentle parenting with a mission.  This blog is a great resource for all things parenting, but is an especially wonderful resource for research and articles about circumcision.

Literary Mama–This is my new favorite to satisfy my more cerebral and literary leanings.  It has been a huge inspiration for my new blog, Mama on The Margins.

Remember to add Birth Walk to your RSS feed and never miss a post!

What’s in your feed?

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