What Families are Saying

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New Mom and Doula Glow

New Mom and Doula Glow

“On August 20th I delivered our 9lb, 2 oz son without any drugs or medical interventions. One reason I was able to do this was due to the amazing support provided by our birth doula, Emily Pickett. She was a huge support to both my husband and I and we are so happy we hired her! If you or someone you know is pregnant, please consider hiring Emily to help you achieve the labor and delivery experience you want!”  ~Amy,

“From our first meeting with Emily (after having already interviewed several doulas), we knew almost immediately that we wanted to hire her, that she was the one for us!

 During my wife’s induced labor, though I know my presence and help was comforting to my wife, I didn’t have the experience and patience that Emily brought to the labor and delivery room. She was comforting, soothing, mentally stabilizing, and emotionally supportive to both myself, and my wonderful wife. We would be honored to have her as our doula again for a second baby.” ~ Frank

“…After our daughter was born, the nurse actually thanked Emily for being there. It seemed like it was all very helpful for the medical staff that she was there, and that surprised me, but it made sense. Emily took care of me and my needs, and the nurses were able to focus on their job the whole time, so it took a load off them. It was absolutely huge to have her there, though, and I understand now why the statistics show that doula-attended births go so much faster. She completely understood the process going on in my body and helped me work with it. I’m so glad Emily was there.” ~Chana
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